About Carpets

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What is the reason of color difference in certain parts of the carpet?

The color difference or variation in color is a typical feature of handmade carpets. This feature is called abrash. Abrash often occurs when the color of piles is changed in the dye pot. Abrash is made when a carpet is woven in a condition that each pot has a 20-30 gallons capacity, however the capacity of dye pots used in urban workshops is 500 or 1000 gallons. Abrash though, may occur as a result of other reasons; the type and color of the wool used in a carpet may differ and Abrash may occur due to the slight variation in color absorption of each type of wool. As well, hand spun cottons can cause the variation of color absorption of pile.

Why are most carpets woven with wool?

Due to its beauty and durability, wool is used for weaving a carpet. Additionally, comparing other yarns used in weaving a carpet, wool is more resistant. Wool can hide the dust while it won’t damage the carpet for a long time. Wool is a great insulator so this feature helps to keep the house warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. It should also be noted that wool is offered in a variety of qualities; cheap wool is easily stained and therefore it is not suitable for families with children or pets.

How to remove stains from a handmade carpet?

To remove a stain from a handmade carpet, you need to act quickly. Using a clean piece of cloth, try to clean the stain as much as possible. Using a teaspoon, mix a cup of cold water with a mild detergent. This solution is enough to remove most of the stains. A mixture of water and white vinegar is also suitable for cleaning the urine stains caused by animals. The vinegar neutralizes the urine before it could absorb and damage the carpet. Do not use powerful detergents or chemicals because the color reaction causes serious damage to the carpet, in particular the carpets dyed with natural materials. To wash handmade carpets, it is never recommended to use any material except for mild soap and water. Do not use carpet shampoos, as these materials are usually suitable for cleaning synthetic materials and could damage the natural wool of the carpet.

How to classify carpets based on their age?

  • Old: less than 50 years

  • Semi-antique: 50-80 years

  • Antique: More than 80 years

Based on what factors, the carpet fluffs are cut?

The more the numbers of carpet knots are, the more the fluffs are cut. This way, the carpet design can be more clearly seen. For example, to see the carpet designs more easily, a silk carpet with 900-1000 knots per square meter can be cut.

Why do carpets have fringes?

The fringes of the carpets are actually the end of the warp threads. They start from the top of the carpet and end in the bottom. Thus fringes form the structure of carpet. After the carpet was woven, the fringes are knitted to prevent the warps and wefts from being separated.